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If you wish to order by check or money order, simply write the following on a sheet of paper:  

The Power of Pushups -  - the number of books x $24.97 plus $5.00 for Shipping, and your Full Name and Address.  I will include 3 free reports with your order.  This price is for orders within the United States ONLY! 

Foreign orders must click here - - and order through the products page that I have set up.  All foreign orders will add a $5 Shipping and Handling Charge (included in the price).

Make check or money order payable to:  RW3 Enterprises and send to the address below.  Thank you for your business, and good luck with your fitness program.


To order by mail send $24.97 plus $5.00 (S&H) for each book (check or money order) to:

RW3 Enterprises
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I have been involved in many different sports in my life - both as a participant and a coach.  Because of the experience and knowledge that I have gained throughout the years, I feel qualified to offer training advice to those who are looking for effective and creative ways to improve their strength and conditioning for sports, or to just improve their general fitness.  If you have any questions about my book or other information products / websites that I am involved in, feel free to email me.  Thank you for looking at my website and good luck with your fitness program.  If you are interested in my other website go to: