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The following links may be useful to you in your search for websites to help you develop your strength and conditioning program.  I use them quite often and found them to be very helpful.

Matt Furey - author of Combat Conditioning


Matt Furey is a trainer / wrestler / author / speaker who has published several books and created videos about training for functional fitness using bodyweight exercises.  He covers some of the same exercises that are used in my program.  He is a great inspiration to all fitness enthusiasts and his programs are excellent for getting you into top physical condition.

Dragon Door Publications


Dragon Door offers a large number of books, DVDs, and products devoted to fitness and training, including bodyweight exercises.  Check out their information about kettlebells which offer a different type of strength training that would be effective for all athletes.  This is a great site with products, articles, and information for anyone interested in improving their strength and conditioning.

Bud Jeffries - author of Twisted Conditioning and other books and videos


Jeffries is a world champion powerlifter in drug free competition, and also a strongman competitor.  Jeffries does present some exercises that cover a wide variety of areas such as strength, power, flexibility, and endurance.  He does include many bodyweight exercises in addition to his training weight training information.  Some of these exercises are covered in my program as well as Matt Furey’s.

The National Strength and Conditioning Association (NSCA)


This association provides instruction and certification in the field of strength and conditioning for coaches and personal trainers.

Lifeline USA


Lifeline USA sells many different exercise and fitness products for use in a home gym.  Most of their equipment consists of of heavy bands that are used for different types of bodyweight exercises including the Power Pushup 2 which is featured in my book - The Power of Pushups.  I recommend that you visit their website and check out their products.  They have great products that are useful for those who train at home.

Ironmind Enterprises


Ironmind provides quality strength building equipment, books, videos, etc.  This is the home of the Captains of Crush grippers.  They also sell other devices to help build arm, grip, hand, and finger strength.  They sell a large variety of products that would be helpful to anyone wanting to improve their strength and conditioning.

Moto X Fitness

This is my other website which is devoted to improving overall fitness for motocross athletes.  Personally, I have raced motocross since I was young, and I created this site to help riders improve their fitness for their sport.  I have written a book, Motocross Fitness:  The Ultimate Home Training Guide for Motocross Athletes, specifically for athletes who want to improve their strength and conditioning with exercises and workouts that they can do at home without going to a gym.  Most of these exercises are bodyweight exercises that use very little or no equipment.  Besides motocross athletes, this training manual is appropriate for all athletes and fitness enthusiasts.  This book and other products are available at this website.  My email address at Moto X Fitness is


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